Our New Thyroid Clinic is Making Diagnosis and Care Much More Convenient!

Great things happen when healthcare professionals join forces.  By combining one of the best ENT practices in the Shenandoah Valley with Winchester Radiologists, we can accomplish a lot more in a lot less time. In partnership with Shenandoah Head & Neck Specialists, The Thyroid Clinic focuses on  diagnosis and treatment of Thyroid Nodules.

Our partnership developed from a passion to help our patients save time and money, while still receiving the highest quality of care.

Dr examining Thyroid in patient

Turn 3 Trips Into 1

Gone are the days when you would have to jump back and forth between your Primary Care Physician, your Ear, Nose, &  Throat Doctor, and Diagnostic Imaging Facility to find out the status of a suspicious Thyroid nodule. Now, you can get it all done in one trip.

You’ll start with a consultation. If a nodule seems suspicious, we can perform an Ultrasound exam, have the results read by one of our Radiologists, and perform a biopsy if needed. All of this will happen during your visit, and you’ll have biopsy results within 48 hours.

Going the Extra Mile

When a Thyroid Biopsy is performed, occasionally there is an inadequate number of cells to successfully diagnose the issue. In these cases the patient will have to schedule an additional appointment for another biopsy.

When visiting our clinic, we test our samples for adequacy before they leave our facility, ensuring no additional biopsy appointments will have to be scheduled. Florinda Russell, our cytotechnologist, is a seasoned veteran when it comes to analyzing thyroid biopsies. Currently, shes boasts a 98% adequacy rate, compared to 86% at other local health care providers.

Thyroid Clinic Cytotechnologist

Meet the Thyroid Clinic Team


Dr. Ingrid Iwanow

Ingrid Iwanow MD

Robert J. Foust MD

Preston M. Fox  MD.

Joe Mikus MD

I am extremely happy that Dr. Iwanow was thorough and I will finally be healed!

Patient - 5/24/2018

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