Interventional Radiology

Treating Patients Using Real Time Imaging And Micro Invasive Methods

What Is Interventional Radiology?

Interventional Radiology uses real time image guidance (such as Ultrasound, Fluoroscopy, X-Ray, or CT)  to view specific details while performing micro invasive procedures. By using Images to guide the Radiologists during procedures, we are able to target treatments with incredible accuracy and less risk. The result is a safer procedure with a much faster recovery period than traditional surgeries.

We work closely with your primary care physician to offer supplementary outpatient care. A radiologist is often already a part of your healthcare team. Our Interventional Clinic allows patients to consult directly with the radiologist reading their images, and discuss treatment options.

ultrasound guided knee injection

What Type Of Treatments Are Available?

What Makes Winchester Radiologists Interventional Center So Great?  Watch this Video to find out.

What Our Patients Have to Say…

My experience with Dr.Couvillon and his team was very positive. I was nervous and apprehensive about my UFE procedure but Dr.Couvillon and his entire team have the medical knowledge and people skills that put my uneasiness to rest quickly. I would recommend this practice to my friends and family. I’m grateful for such a positive medical experience with this facility

03/2021- Patient

I had an appointment with this facility. I have never, ever, met a more friendly or more personable group of professionals in my long life.  It was a really great medical appointment

06/29/2021 David

Everyone is very kind.  Pleasant experience!  I will be back.